Productivity Abounds!

The past 24 hours have been filled with completing projects that have been hanging around for a while. I first decided I wanted to finally finish the second hat I had been paid months ago to make for the teacher with whom I work. Seeing as how this is the last full week of NYC’s public school, it was now or the fall, and I just wanted to get it over with. My original concept for it was completely dreadful, so I cast that pathetic excuse for a hat aside and started again. This time I didn’t try to over-complicate it, and I am MUCH happier with the final product.

It’s not perfect, and it’s not "exactly" what she wanted, but it’s what I was able to do with my skill-level and quantity of dark brown yarn. I was not going to spend $4 on another skein just for 4 or 5 more rows, partially because she wasn’t going to pay me anymore money.

Next on my list of completions was a pink knitted square for another bunny. The most I could do was finish knitting/purling it because I STILL don’t have fiberfill. . . .

I then finished this "Love Bunny" I had crocheted a few days ago but hadn’t yet stuffed it because there was nothing to stuff it with. I ended up using the yarn from the first hat I started because I wasn’t going to be using it for anything else, and the bunny was crying to be finished.

And finally, earlier today one of my suitemates had said that my other suitemate was super stressed about a final project for her class that’s ending this week, so I thought I would make a little flower for her since she thought the other one I made was cute. It just so happens that the yarn I have almost perfectly matches the color scheme of all of her personal belongings.

I think I might next tackle finishing the remaining pieces for my big surprise project; it seems the most logical option. Although, I don’t know when I’ll be able to do that because the next couple of days are going to be super busy for me. . . .


Expanding Techinques and the Yarny Family

Today I decided that I want to break into the world of crochet amigurumi. The pink heart I made last weekend wasn’t terribly difficult, so I thought I might try my hand at something else. I figure what better way to start than to learn how to make a ball, and then turn that ball into something else. Baby steps. May I present, Winston the Caterpillar! Credit for his name must be given to my lovely suitemate who came up with it as she was going out the door a minute ago.


Winston gets to know his first flower friend.

Winston introduces himself to his new friends Fishy and Fishy-Fishy, who are visiting for the weekend.


How Many More Can I Make?

A couple of days ago I found a video on YouTube about how to make a crochet flower, and I’ve been making them whenever I have time. They’re super simple to do, and I’ve finally settled upon a way that works best for me and my crochet technique. There will certainly be more to come, in a multitude of color combinations, thanks to my stockpile of Super Saver yarn. 

The blue and yellow one is the first one I made, which resulted in my need to learn how to block yarncrafts. I never really believed that pins and water and time could make yarn stay in a designated shape, but I was proven wrong, and I think I’ll be utilizing this technique from now on when something is being stubborn and squishy.

The pink and purple one is my attempt at making one that would be less squishy, but i don’t really like the four-petal version it resulted in. It’s cute and all, but I won’t be relying on this version in the future.

I made this blue and white one for my suitemate so she would have something to put on her currently bare walls. She wasted no time in putting it up. While I do like the five-petal version better than the four, I think this will only be an occasional occurrence in my flower collection.

This is the one I will be sticking with from now on. I decided to just make the circle chain longer in order to better accommodate the full six petals (duh!). While it’s still slightly squishy, but less so than the first one, I like how the petals overlap and stay pretty much flat after I blocked it overnight. You can expect to see many more of these flowers here over the summer, as well as more butterflies, which I will probably make soon.


Long Time No Cooking/Crafting/CT

I’ve now moved into my summer housing, and as such I no longer have a kitchen, which means no baking for a while, and thus no entries about my wonderful edible creations. Now that my main classes are finished, I know that I should have plenty of time to craft, but the creative juices just aren’t flowing for some reason. Maybe a trip to Purl would get them going again. And finally, it’s the off-season for Celtic Thunder. There hasn’t been any major news about STORM or the other albums being released, so the buzz surrounding them has died down a little bit. I think we just need another new contest to enter the lads in, then we’d have something to keep ourselves occupied with and to talk about in the CT Pub. I’m going to keep an eye out for anything and everything just in case.

Since nothing creative has been happening for me, I might as well post about the cuteness in my life right now. Last weekend I acquired a wonderful yellow potted plant for my windowsill. I don’t remember the type of flower it is, just that it’s big and bright.

My kiddies also got some pets this past week, and I’ve been charged with keeping them alive over the long weekend. May I present Fishy (orange) and Fishy-Fishy (white).

They’ve been fed and some of their water has been changed, so I think they seem pretty content right now. I really want to spruce up their little bowl, but sprucing costs money, which I don’t have at the moment. Maybe next weekend . . . or the weekend after.