Long Time No Cooking/Crafting/CT

I’ve now moved into my summer housing, and as such I no longer have a kitchen, which means no baking for a while, and thus no entries about my wonderful edible creations. Now that my main classes are finished, I know that I should have plenty of time to craft, but the creative juices just aren’t flowing for some reason. Maybe a trip to Purl would get them going again. And finally, it’s the off-season for Celtic Thunder. There hasn’t been any major news about STORM or the other albums being released, so the buzz surrounding them has died down a little bit. I think we just need another new contest to enter the lads in, then we’d have something to keep ourselves occupied with and to talk about in the CT Pub. I’m going to keep an eye out for anything and everything just in case.

Since nothing creative has been happening for me, I might as well post about the cuteness in my life right now. Last weekend I acquired a wonderful yellow potted plant for my windowsill. I don’t remember the type of flower it is, just that it’s big and bright.

My kiddies also got some pets this past week, and I’ve been charged with keeping them alive over the long weekend. May I present Fishy (orange) and Fishy-Fishy (white).

They’ve been fed and some of their water has been changed, so I think they seem pretty content right now. I really want to spruce up their little bowl, but sprucing costs money, which I don’t have at the moment. Maybe next weekend . . . or the weekend after.

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