Pictureless, Sad Business

The heatwave that plagued NYC last week claimed more than just the lives advertised on the news. Early last week, I had to say goodbye to Fishy-Fishy, who perished in his bowl because I could not keep the water cool enough in my boiling room. Late that night, my suitemate and I had a funeral for him, expressing our anguish at his loss and our anger at the heatwave for taking him from us. Fishy-Fishy was a good fish. He served my classroom well, and provided companionship for his bowl-mate, Fishy. At the moment, Fishy seems to be doing okay without his friend; he’s eating and swimming, so I won’t be too worried about him. He’s a tough little fishy.

In other saddening news, the heatwave also claimed Catherine’s life. I’m sorry to say that she didn’t stand a chance against the unbearable heat in my dorm, which resulted in her leaves essentially being fried to bits, even though I watered her profusely. I wanted terribly for her to pull through, but it was all to much for her to handle. She was such a young kidney bean plant, and I was so pleased with her progress before the heat hit. She will also be missed. Her side of the windowsill will remain empty for the time-being, as a testament to the emptiness which I feel when I look at that section of the window.

I hope that the remainder of the summer will be free of loss, as this has been a lot to handle recently.


Expanding Techinques and the Yarny Family

Today I decided that I want to break into the world of crochet amigurumi. The pink heart I made last weekend wasn’t terribly difficult, so I thought I might try my hand at something else. I figure what better way to start than to learn how to make a ball, and then turn that ball into something else. Baby steps. May I present, Winston the Caterpillar! Credit for his name must be given to my lovely suitemate who came up with it as she was going out the door a minute ago.


Winston gets to know his first flower friend.

Winston introduces himself to his new friends Fishy and Fishy-Fishy, who are visiting for the weekend.


Long Time No Cooking/Crafting/CT

I’ve now moved into my summer housing, and as such I no longer have a kitchen, which means no baking for a while, and thus no entries about my wonderful edible creations. Now that my main classes are finished, I know that I should have plenty of time to craft, but the creative juices just aren’t flowing for some reason. Maybe a trip to Purl would get them going again. And finally, it’s the off-season for Celtic Thunder. There hasn’t been any major news about STORM or the other albums being released, so the buzz surrounding them has died down a little bit. I think we just need another new contest to enter the lads in, then we’d have something to keep ourselves occupied with and to talk about in the CT Pub. I’m going to keep an eye out for anything and everything just in case.

Since nothing creative has been happening for me, I might as well post about the cuteness in my life right now. Last weekend I acquired a wonderful yellow potted plant for my windowsill. I don’t remember the type of flower it is, just that it’s big and bright.

My kiddies also got some pets this past week, and I’ve been charged with keeping them alive over the long weekend. May I present Fishy (orange) and Fishy-Fishy (white).

They’ve been fed and some of their water has been changed, so I think they seem pretty content right now. I really want to spruce up their little bowl, but sprucing costs money, which I don’t have at the moment. Maybe next weekend . . . or the weekend after.