Hi everyone! My name is Danielle and I decided to start this blog in order to keep track of the things I make, whether it’s with flour or with felt. I started out by mostly documenting my crafting adventures because I didn’t have a kitchen during that first summer, but now I focus more on my edible creations. There’s also the occasional splash of Celtic Thunder, a group of men I hold near and dear to my heart. I’ve been a fan of their music since 2008, so it only makes sense that they play a roll in my life and in my posting every now and then.

As for this blog’s name, Emerald Thunder started out as the imprint I created as an assignment for my first book publishing course. I wanted the name to reflect a bit of myself and what I love. I am part Irish, I speak Irish, and I love Irish culture, so that explains “Emerald.” And of course “Thunder” comes from Celtic Thunder; I wanted to pay homage to them in some way, so this seemed perfect. After the assignment was submitted and graded, I didn’t want to just forget about this name, so I kept it in mind and named my blog as such.

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