Come on LiveJournal

It’s becoming increasingly irritating that I can’t upload any photos to my entries, because what’s the point of the entry if I can’t show off what it’s about? I want to know what’s wrong with this feature and when it’s going to be up and running again, because I actually have stuff I want to post about, but can’t at the moment. How else am I supposed to legitimately put off all of the reading I have to do, even if it’s just for a short time? At the moment, I’m waiting to post about 1 updated Keroppi, 1 dessert, 1 breakfast, and 1 super sad CT fan that can’t go to the show taping this Friday night even though it’s less than two hours away by Metro-North. *sigh*, Such is the life of a broke college student. If only I could find a decent way to survive without needing to buy groceries or spend money on food, then I would be able to afford the ticket and I wouldn’t care about having to stay in Poughkeepsie until 4:40am when the train would arrive to take me home. I could have sworn that I said to myself that I was going to the next taping, no matter what, but I guess things changed a bit since last October. I guess I’ll just have to wait two and a half weeks for the first of three shows I’m going to. At least nothing’s stopping me from hanging around Radio City alllllllll day long that Friday. If I manage to snag some face time with Keith and Damo to speak some Irish with them, I guess I’ll be okay. Haha.


Birthday Presents

A friend of mine’s birthday was in July, meaning I had a legitimate reason to craft and such. There were so many things I wanted to make, but I decided on one big thing and two little things for her that I think she’ll enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed making this particular thing, and I think it’s beyond adorable. Now it just needs a name, and I’m going to let my friend have the honors. 

I’m super sad that I didn’t have any brown yarn to make chocolate cupcakes, but my going out to get some would mean that I would buy a lot more than I planned because once I see a place that sells yarn, I can’t just buy one skein or one color. But I’m going to have to go into P & S Fabrics eventually, and given its extremely close proximity to my dorm, I might as well get it over with.

EDIT: I presented my friend with her presents, and she promptly named the tiger "El Tigre" and commented on the "comb-over effect" of the stripes on his head. I totally didn’t even notice that when I was sewing on the stripes, but it really does look like that, although I have to say it suits him. He and his comb-over are now perched on her windowsill watching over her room when she’s gone. I’m sad to see him go, since he’s the first thing amigurumi that I’ve made and given away, but I know I’ll be seeing him all the time when I’m visiting my friend. 


It’s a Robot Invasion!

When I went home, I was able to go to the store and buy stuffing, as well as five skeins of yarn in colors I desperately (in my own opinion) needed. I had been itching to make this girl robot ever since I saw the pattern in a crochet book I bought, but I needed gray yarn, which I didn’t have. Now that I have the colors I need, I can crank out a little (well, rather big) army of boy and girl robots. This first one measures about nine inches tall, which is slightly larger than I anticipated, and as a result, I’ll probably go down a hook size, which will also help to keep the stitches much tighter and with fewer unsightly gaps.



Amigurumi, Part 2

Yesterday’s foray into spherical amigurumi led me to try out something new very quickly. After finishing Winston, I found a pattern online that explained how to make a Mario Power-Up Mushroom, and of course I jumped at the chance to make one. At the moment I only have the one, but I’ll be making a 1UP one after I complete my current project and get my hands on a ton more fiberfill.

May I present, Peter the Power-Up:

And here is a sneak peek at the project I started this morning, because I know some people are just too impatient to wait for the final product, especially one so time-consuming and tedious.

When I began this morning, I was blissfully unaware of the size the finished product would be, and for that I am now paying. This part alone has used up most of my blue yarn and ALL of my fiberfill *sadface*. As a result, my plans for tomorrow include a trip to my old neighborhood to try to find some Red Heart Super Saver yarn and stuffing. I just hope that if I find what I need, I can get out of the store without spending too much more money and without too many additional bags of yarn and notions and anything else that happens to be in stock.


Expanding Techinques and the Yarny Family

Today I decided that I want to break into the world of crochet amigurumi. The pink heart I made last weekend wasn’t terribly difficult, so I thought I might try my hand at something else. I figure what better way to start than to learn how to make a ball, and then turn that ball into something else. Baby steps. May I present, Winston the Caterpillar! Credit for his name must be given to my lovely suitemate who came up with it as she was going out the door a minute ago.


Winston gets to know his first flower friend.

Winston introduces himself to his new friends Fishy and Fishy-Fishy, who are visiting for the weekend.