*raises hand* My name is Danielle, and I’m addicted to modern kitchen appliances.

I came home yesterday after a long (but fun) day of work and wanted nothing more than to nuke something to eat and then fall asleep. Unfortunately, the end of the school year means moving out and, in my case, losing the stuff my suitemate brought with her for us to use. I was greeted by a bare counter top — no microwave, no hot pot, no George Foreman mini grill. Do you have any idea how depressing that is when my fridge and cupboards are already pretty much empty? Cold cereal it is! This change in dinner plans did nothing to warm me up after my day outside in the cold, and so I donned a sweatshirt and huddled under my thin quilt. Even making tea tonight was turned into a giant production and used more things than necessary. I now get to clean a pot, strainer, spoon, and mug, instead of just a mug and spoon. And my otherwise 3 minute dinner is now in the oven for 30 minutes; good thing I’m not too hungry yet, or else I’d be grumpier about this.  

I’m spoiled by convenience and availability, I admit it. I’m stuck in this situation for one more day, and then I get to move to a room without a kitchen and without open dining halls on the weekends. Let’s see how that works out for me. . . . I know I chose that location to save money and for its convenient location, but darn it, I WANT A KITCHEN! I don’t want to relive my freshman year–no homemade baked goods, having to go outside to a dining hall whenever I wanted food, and not being able to cook away my stress/bad moods. 

I need to take advantage of what little time I have left with my kitchen, with what few ingredients remain in it. I wonder if Amy’s going to miss the eggs in the fridge, if they’re even hers. . . . She’s leaving tomorrow, anyway, so I don’t think it should matter too much to her. Maybe I’ll send her off with some brownies made with her eggs to make up for taking them.

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