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The End of the Summer

Classes officially start tomorrow, meaning I don’t know how much crafting will get done during this semester. I do know, however, that with my Celtic Thunder concerts less than a month away, that there will certainly be posts chronicling those adventures, starting with my reactions to seeing them on QVC this Wednesday. I’m also going to try to bake up a storm on Sundays, so hopefully I’ll be able to post roughly once a week, although that may be stretching it a tad bit. In any event, I’m sad to be losing what crafting time I had this summer, because I’m sure as soon as my schedule becomes endlessly hectic, I’m going to get the urge to make something to relieve the stress (and to procrastinate). Oh well. But this semester should be a blast, so I’m not as sad as I might be if I wasn’t looking forward to two of my four classes (let’s face it, my two lit courses are just going to kill me no matter how hard I try or how on top of my assignments I stay, so what’s to look forward to with those). I wish I had an amigurumi to post about tonight, but the past few days have been rather busy–a nice preview of what is to come. Once I finally get the remainder of my kitchen things in the mail, I’m planning on making cinnamon rolls and muffins, so that’s something else to look forward to.


Oh the Things that Happen…

I’ve been breaking in my kitchen by making some of the few things I have ingredients for. The other day when a friend was staying with me, I desperately wanted to bake, and what resulted was snickerdoodles. Unfortunately, I remembered that my wonderful cooling rack was 250 miles away, which meant I had to find a different way to cool my cookies so that the bottoms would not either overcook by being put directly on foil after they were out of the oven or become soggy because of condensation due to a hot cookie being put on a cool surface. What resulted was something that I can only describe as being epic, ingenious, and hilarious. Because my friend happens to enjoy an Asian lifestyle and thus has many such accouterments for her own kitchen, we employed none other than chopsticks to cool my cookies, and they worked wonderfully. 

I never thought I’d see anything like this happen in my kitchen, but it was a brilliant idea that really worked in a pinch, resulting in deliciously perfect snickerdoodles