An Unexpected Twist on Classic Apple Pie

I’m known for my apple pies. My father refuses to eat anyone else’s, and that’s saying something, because he eats any sort of sweets. I usually only make one a year, so it has to be the best. However, this one pie recipe had been nagging me for a while, and I knew I needed to make it soon. Goodbye classic apple pie, hello delicious substitution!

I found this pie recipe on An Epic Change and I knew I wanted to make it sometime, I just didn’t know when. Well, last week I had a burning desire to bake an apple pie, and I knew I wanted to do it before Thanksgiving, as I would be by myself this year, with no one to share the pie with.

Anything with sweetened condensed milk has got to be a winner, right? Right! This recipe is different in every way possible from my go-to pie, but I still loved it.

I started early in the morning and made the crust from scratch. My suitemates slowly came into the kitchen as time passed, asking what on earth I was doing so early in the morning on a weekend. Making pie for us, of course, sillies!

I still can’t believe I had the patience to make a lattice crust. I have never done that before, but I have to say I like the effect. It definitely won’t be for every two-crust pie I make, but it’s nice to know I’m capable of doing it.

The pie filling was a bit runny overall, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. If I do this again I might add a bit more cornstarch to soak up some more of the juices. Problem solved!

While there’s no picture of it, I made ice cream to accompany the pie. I’m seriously in love with how simple this ice cream process is. I’m not sure how many times I’ve made it now, but it’s in my recipe box to stay. I added an overload of vanilla extract, and I think I’ve finally found the right amount to add (a lot) so that it doesn’t just taste like sweetened condensed milk (not that that’s a bad thing).

Apple pie à la mode, good tv, and my suitemates. A wonderful end to a weekend, and a wonderful start to a three-day week! Thanksgiving’s right around the corner now!

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