Sickness, Papers, Go Away, Don’t Come Back Ever Again

It wouldn’t be finals without being sick. I went to bed Monday feeling slightly off, and I woke up Tuesday completely destroyed. I essentially lost the entire first half of the day because I could not function. Being vertical was a very bad idea, as was any sort of movement beyond blowing my nose. Yay writing papers, studying for exams, and doing presentations in these conditions. Thankfully the worst has subsided and death by finals can recommence. Oh joy. I think midnight breakfast is tonight, so it looks like the anti-midnight breakfast will be occurring in my room. I just need to buy eggs and then the scone-baking can begin! I’m thinking blueberry and then raspberry-lemon ones. I need to use up my lemons, as well as my partial bag of frozen blueberries. Maybe this excitement will help me to stay up past 10pm . . . because that hasn’t been working otherwise. I NEED to get work done sooner, much rather than later, and being able to function past 8pm would greatly help in that endeavor. Let’s see how that works out for me.


Edit: Yeah, no anti-midnight breakfast midnight breakfast for me tonight. I’m terrible at having the materials I need when I actually need them. At least I’m still awake and functioning? Although I might have just jinxed myself there with that comment *knocks on wood*. Must. Do. Work!

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