Critters, Critters, Critters!

Last spring/summer when I first began knitting, I wanted to make these cute little bunnies out of a knitted square, but the link to the instructions was broken. I thought I could just figure out how to do it myself, but that never happened because I wanted to use a really thin, soft yarn and smaller knitting needles, which I never went out to get, even though I went to the craft stores countless times while I was at home. However, all has finally changed because I stumbled upon the directions a couple days ago and became a happy happy knitter. I don’t think I ever would have figured out how they got all folded and formed without this website, even though it’s extremely simple and I’m now saying to myself “You couldn’t figure out how to do THIS?” Oh well, I now know, and I’m not going to be forgetting anytime soon. But now I think I want to actually go find some luxurious yarn and make more super soft ones because I finally have some smaller needles.

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